Strategic Communications Bureau

About us

The Bureau of Strategic Communications is an independent political consultancy based in Russia. We enable our clients to protect their legitimate interests by being heard in government and media.

The Bureau links business entities to the government, and both to the public at large. We proactively work within traditional and new media to develop and protect the reputations of our clients. Additionally, the Bureau works in informational and electoral campaigns in Russia and beyond.

Our team is broad. We have specialists in the problem solving of the most complex political and regulatory issues. Alternatively, our team also has enthusiastic campaign specialists, ready to make a compelling case for our clients. We put together a bespoke team to handle each and every political challenge.

The Bureau can call upon a wide network of political stakeholders, be they lawmakers, political parties or experts in certain fields. The firm is a proud member of The Russian Association of Public Relations, and the Committee for Political Technologies within the trade body.

The Bureau has been an integral part of most of the pivotal political projects in Russia over the last decade.